The electrical drivetrain and power system are the heart of all kinds of renewable energy vehicles, from electric, and hybrid vehicles to fuel cell vehicles. They fundamentally affect the operational, economical and safety performance of the vehicles. For a long time, the technology advancement was slow, and basically just micro innovations through localized engineering optimization and progress in components and materials. As power electronics and MCU technologies evolve, it is now possible to realize system-level innovation by significantly improving the performance and safety of motors through intelligent and fast-paced electronic control.

Based on industry-leading power electronics and intelligent control technologies, Quanten Technologies has developed patented Dynamically Reconfigurable Efficient Asynchronous Machine Systems (DREAMS) through seamlessly integrating motor, inverter, and drive control. Utilizing smart control software to dynamically adjust and configure the magnetic structure of motors, Quanten has realized a software-defined drive architecture, with significant improvement in power efficiency and reliability over dynamical and diverse driving conditions. This architecture has achieved optimized balance between energy efficiency and safety under complex drive environments. The technologies and products from Quanten Technologies will bring significant economical and environmental benefits through significantly higher vehicle efficiency, lower system cost, and higher reliability and safety.

Quanten Technologies has established comprehensive IPs across the globe through multi-disciplined system-level innovation. With outstanding performance, our integrated drivetrain and other products will lead the revolution in electrical drives for vehicle applications.